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Instead, it is designed to interface with and supplement them to provide a comprehensive research and financial management system that addresses researchers’ unique needs. Cost share requirements established within an award from a sponsor obligate the University to fund the expenditures related to the grant during the project term. It is important to know the cost share requirements within the award agreement and to monitor them on a regular basis. GAO providestrainingto assist campus on post-award administration of their sponsored awards. Such training is available through Learning and Development, presentations and workshops. GAO is also available for one-on-one type training to assist faculty or staff with topics pertaining to grant administration. Maintain and monitor all grants/contracts awarded to UCA to ensure compliance with University policies/procedures and governmental/agency rules and regulations.

  • This is necessary to manage sponsored funds to ensure that expenditures and revenues are within appropriate budget limits and guidelines.
  • Pre-award administration includes all activities that occur prior to the University accepting a grant award.
  • F&A cost is charged based upon the rate and base in the approved award, up to the federally negotiated rate.
  • The Accounting Office maintains closed grant files for seven years from the program ending date.
  • For a list of unallowable costs identified in Uniform Guidance, please see the Guidelines for Unallowable Costs.

Our staff assists faculty and departments that have been awarded externally sponsored, restricted-use funds for research, instruction, academic support, or public service. All accounts awarded to Tennessee Tech are monitored by Grant Accounting for the life of the grant. Indirect costs are charged to each grant account on a monthly basis by applying the approved indirect cost rate to the expenditures incurred in the previous month. Indirect costs are recorded as a debit to the Indirect Cost account in the grant fund and as a credit to an appropriate unrestricted current fund revenue account code. Most grants and contracts provide for the recovery of F&A costs incurred in their executions and management. The recovery is based upon negotiated rates and assessed to individual projects on a percentage basis.

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Copies of grant invoices are forwarded to the Accounting Office for verification prior to being posted. Grant Program Directors should review, sign, and forward the invoices to the Accounting Office noting any discrepancies to be resolved. Note that travel advances and payroll advances are charged directly to the specific grant account and the Student Services Payroll Advance account respectively and not to the General Operating account. When payment is received from the grantor, cash is debited and the receivable, if one exists, or the revenue account is credited. When you receive a grant from a governmental agency, it will typically include a program budget. Post-award consists of processes that occur between award inception and award close-out.

A University faculty or staff member who initiates the grant proposal or application usually becomes the program director or the principal investigator,. F&A cost is charged based upon the rate and base in the approved award, up to the federally negotiated rate. Revenue and expense account codesA current listing of all active revenue and expense account codes to use in the shared financial system. Requests for cost transfers must include sufficient explanation to justify the need for the transfer. A cost transfer occurs when an expense that is originally allocated to one fund/orgn is moved to another fund/orgn by journal entry or payroll reallocation.

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All grant expenditures must be charged to the appropriate expense accounts within the University chart-of-account. Error corrections initiated beyond 60 days or after the project end date are continually an area of audit scrutiny, also requests that appear to use a remaining balance near or beyond the project end date may be questioned. Losses or disallowed costs on other sponsored projects are not allowable cost transfers, please see cost transfer policy. It is preferred that a positive, proactive approach to managing sponsored funding be taken by Principal Investigators and supporting administrative personnel.

Mar 22, 2022 Kevin Zubor joins Grant Thornton as chief financial officer March 22, 2021 — Grant Thornton LLP, one of America’s largest audit, tax and advisory firms, has named Kevin Zubor its new chief financial officer . Community Outreach Committed to community service through a variety of programs. offers the following post-award services (pre-award services are provided bySponsored Programs). Upon receipt of the accounting of the use of the advance fund, journal entries will be posted to charge the appropriate expense and credit the advance.

The Accounting Office is generally involved in the entire cycle of the grant program starting with the proposal process. Customarily, the Director of Accounting assigns an individual from the Accounting Office staff to the grant program to assist the program director in the day-to-day fiscal operations.

The Grants Accounting Office reviews purchases made with grant money for such guidelines/restrictions. Purchases made not in accordance with grant restrictions are reviewed by Grants Accounting and/or theOffice of Research and Sponsored Programs . If the purchase is not deemed acceptable, it must be charged to an unrestricted account. For effective grant accounting at your research institution, contact our team to learn more about putting this approach in place. Can effective grant accounting be handled within a typical research institution’s general ledger? Confirm reporting dates with the Office of Business and Financial Services in order to have interim and/or final financial reports sent to the reporting agency in a timely manner. Preparing all billing and financial reporting as required by the sponsoring agency.

Sample Journal Entries For Government Grants

Grant budgets are normally posted on a line-by-line basis rather than in a budget pool. If a pool budgeting process is used, customarily the entire grant award is posted to one main budget pool line and the expenditures will draw from or reduce the pool line. If the grantor is only concerned with the bottom line and the University is free to move the funds among the different budget categories, the pool approach would be recommended. Faculty and staff desiring to seek grant funds for their initiatives should also contact the Office for Public Grants and Corporate Partnerships for assistance in the overall grant development. Furthermore, this office usually routes the proposal to the approving parties, mails the document to the grantor, distributes copies to the responsible offices, and follows up with the grantor as necessary.

Grant Accounting

Certain sponsored programs receive reimbursement from the sponsor for facilities and administrative (F&A) expense budgeted within the sponsored program. The University currently shares a portion of recovered Grant Accounting F&A for discretionary use by the PI and sponsored program home department via F&A Revenue Share departments. These reports provide the account balance available for use and monthly activity.

The Accounting Office should be consulted early in the budget development process. No financial report should be forwarded to the funding agency without the approval of the Grant Accounting office.

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Using a grant accounting solution to monitor sponsored accounts helps to ascertain that the appropriate amount of revenue has been received. As research funds become more competitive to obtain, and as standalone systems and manual spreadsheets become cumbersome, the grant accounting process has never been more demanding at most central offices of Sponsored Research Administration. That’s why in most cases, a specialized grants accounting software system is the best approach. OCGA’s objective is to provide financial support to the University in administering sponsored projects. Sponsored projects can be research, instruction or public service involving funding from an outside source under a legal agreement. If the end date of your grant is approaching, it is important to perform a thorough review in advance.

Grant Accounting

Note that there may be instances where documentation is requested for the purposes of determining allowability or because the transaction is selected for audit. Expenditures related to cost share are identified within the Budget Inquiry by a department number of 3XXXXXXXX. Upon award setup, the funding department is identified and a monthly funding entry is entered. This will appear as an expenditure to the funding department and as revenue to the cost share department .

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Occasionally, departments may be given authority to submit invoices directly to the sponsor, but must obtain approval from GAO in advance. Interdepartmental charges for food, printing and duplicating, telephone, the use of University vehicles, postage and storeroom supplies are posted to the University Accounting and Budget System by the Budget Office.

The review ensures all users of the provided information are receiving accurate and valuable data. For more information on these reports, as well as other reports that GAO handles, please visit theReportingsection. The Accounting Office maintains closed grant files for seven years from the program ending date. The records for each grant project consist of a program file and a paid invoice file.

This review should include project expenditures, cost share requirements, and reporting obligations. If all transactions have posted to the grant and reporting requirements have been met, please contact Grants Accounting to initiate the closeout process. Grants Accounting serves an important role of ensuring all financial information related to sponsored projects are accurately reported in the University financial statements. This information is captured at the award setup and serves various functions throughout the project’s life-cycle.

For assistance with interpreting the monthly F&A Revenue Share detail reports, or for inquiries regarding the use of funds, contact Suzanne Weems. In all the cases we’ve seen, grant accounting software make a difference in grant management operations. Teams gain access to superior reporting, maintain budgets and balances for multi-year projects, and streamline the process to calculate and encumber projected personnel costs. They also appreciate the ability to easily calculate F&A costs, support for multiple corporate entities, and user defined coding systems for tracking special commitments. If you are new to managing contract or grant award funds in a university setting, we offer several classes that focus on fund accounting processes for sponsored projects. The Department is entrusted with ensuring that all budgets, revenues, and expenditures for these accounts are properly recorded and reported, where applicable.

Requisitions for honoraria/consultant services can be processed online in the Purchasing System and the Accounting Office will review and approve the requisition for further processing. The Purchasing Office staff will prepare a Purchase Order if the request for services is less than $1,500, and a Service Purchase Contract if the request is for more than $1,500. Requests for services requiring a Service Purchase Contract should be entered as a requisition at least six weeks prior to the date of the event. The Service Purchase Contract will be prepared and, after being signed by the vendor, will be forwarded to the Legal Counsel for review and approval. The contract will be returned to Purchasing after the Attorney General has signed the contract and the Purchasing Office staff will forward a copy to the contractor indicating that work may begin. At year the Purchasing Office will issue end a 1099-MISC report to the contractor.

GAO provides faculty and staff with monthly electronic financial status reports for their sponsored projects. There are also various web applications available to assist with the financial management of accounts. Additionally, GAO is responsible to answer transactional questions or assist faculty and staff in determining the fiscal status of their awards. For more information, please visit the Accounting Related Toolssection of our website. Middle Tennessee State University is awarded grants and contracts from federal and state agencies as well as private entities such as local businesses and corporations. Grant and Contract Accounting also works with Accounting Services in developing the University’s Federal Facilities & Administrative rate.

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Requests for funds should be directed to the accounting contact assigned to your college or department. The Accounting Office will work closely with the Sponsored Research Office to obtain the information necessary to create a fund and notify you when it is ready. Pre-award administration includes all activities that occur prior to the University accepting a grant award. The work must benefit that award and must be charged in proportion to its benefit. For example, if a graduate student is working on two separate awards, the student can only be charged in proportion to the work that benefits each award. University departments must consistently treat costs incurred for the same purpose, in like circumstances, as either direct or F&A costs.

Closed Grants

Grant Accounting is committed to providing high-quality, efficient services to support the University in its mission of excellence in education. Grant Accounting is responsible for the development and dissemination of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the University and funding agencies.

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